Consecutive Writing Days: 23

I’ve been meaning to just sit down and write some prose for here for a while now, but other projects have eclipsed this. My previous writing schedule was to work on my main project of the time during the week – currently a heist movie script as a part of a school project – whilst using the weekends to add to this blog and anything else. Last weekend, that “anything else” was typing up a short story I wrote whilst in Edinburgh. I had made reference to the story in my UCAS Statement, without considering that I’d need to show it to an interviewer. Handing over a dusty notebook with pages missing doesn’t exactly make a good impression, so I thought I should make it neater.

The problem with spurts of creativity is that they can wear off without noticing. My short story, following an Edinburgh University student who develops a drug rendering her a permanent insomniac, was mostly plot, with some really great descriptive scattered within it (if I do say so myself). And as I was reading it, I internally processed improvements to make on the fevered writing bursts made during a long wait at an airport. And what had been maybe 500 words became 900, and I still had more to say. Currently a three-chapter arc, I should have it ready to post here by the end of November, provided nothing else gets in the way. Between my Script and this short story, I have wanted to do more prompted writing, but that tends to be an afternoon’s commitment.  If I do post in the next while, it will most likely be from the archive of writing I have from pre-blog, or inspired by my visit to Rome in a few days.

I am also considering posting my movie script, currently titled Thieves, here as well. Currently 80 pages, this has dominated my free time and idle thought for the past 5 months. Finally! I remember thinking back in May. A school project where I can really let loose with my writing. No word counts, no guidelines, my script could be whatever I wanted to be, my first real taste of being a writer. I am on the verge of something I am proud to hand in, which has earned me an A* prediction for the project. And whilst the battle to finish that first glorious draft is very much an uphill one at the moment, I am slowly making it there. I am on top of my workload, my UCAS application has been sent, and I feel content. Then came that nagging little thought, in the back of my mind…

You haven’t put anything on that blog in a while.

This whole post is to appease that little Gollum that preys upon my insecure thoughts. It’s not Catcher in the Rye, but at least it justifies my lack of activity.